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1.  Order
1.1.  Date and Time 16-18th of March 2012

1.2.  Place Skatepark "Adrenalin-park". Moscow, Chermyanskiy str. 1. (Medvedkovo underground station)Phone: +7-495-221-0105, http://adrenalin-park.ru/

1.3.  Competition Area 4010m indoor place. Surface is of light grey color, straight, not too slippery. We use the "Rollerclub" cones at the competitions (the same size with Starway cones). 

1.4. Disciplines:

    1.4.1 Speed slalom;
    1.4.2. Freestyle slalom Battle;
    1.4.3. Freestyle slalom, classic performances;
    1.4.4. Slides;

1.5.   Competitors will be divided in categories:
    1.5.1.  Females
    1.5.2.  Males

1.6.  Competitions are open for everybody with no limits. 

1.7  Rollerclub Cup will we awarded to the skaters with the best sum of results in three slalom disciplines (speed slalom, freestyle slalom (classic), freestyle battle).

1.7. Schedule:

March, 16, Friday                
12:00   Registration, warm-up          
13:00   Speed slalom (men and women)             
16:00   Slides
, women 
Slides, men

March, 17, Saturday                
10:00   Freestyle battle, men (first rounds)
14:00   Freestyle slalom classic, women

Freestyle slalom classic, men

March, 18 , Sunday
Freestyle battle, women
12:00   Freestyle battle, men
16:00   Award ceremony

1.8.   Rules and conditions are described at World Slalom Series website

1.9. Every competitor should register. Please, fill the registration form for competitors





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